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July 28, 2017
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Lions Club Message Board Rules

This is a forum for discussion and debate. Everyone has opinions, which means that in many cases you won’t agree. Most people will debate the issue that conforms to a discussion forum so don't make your replies or quotes personal. If you are unable to reply without making a personal comment about somebody's belief then don't reply and do us all the favour of not having to deal with it.

Please read these rules and abide them, failure to do so will result in a warning followed by a ban for repeat offenders.

  • Don't abuse others, if you don't like a poster, just don't read or reply to the post. This is meant to be fun and the less the moderators are required, the better the forums are working.
  • Please don't use cap locks in replying to threads or in the subject headings as it makes it harder to read and actually is used an expression of shouting.
  • Excessive swearing WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This board is open to anyone with internet access including children. It's one thing to cuss and swear in a pub during post match passionate debates, it's another having it in numerous post regardless of the topic.
  • Using abreviations like LOL is fine in context, but only those with yeah's etc etc are not a suitable answer to a persons post, either say something appropriate or don't post at all.
  • No porn site links or pornographic pictures please, whilst we are open minded, this is an Aston Villa focused site, so it's inappropriate.
  • Every board is in a category heading. Please stay within the category and keep on the subject of the topic of the thread.
  • AVFC Lions is for all Villa fans to talk about all things reagrding football and it's associated topics. General Goss means general off topic stuff. PLEASE, keep the random threads and chat threads to one thread at a time, and try to stay within the subject of the topic of the thread. If the topic is about The Ashes, then discuss the Ashes. It really isn't that difficult is it now!
  • If you have a problem with the site, administration of the site, fellow users or moderators you will find in most cases email addresses below their posts and in their profiles. Please use a common sense approach and try to resolve your difference through a courteous email first. You can also use the Personal Message function to contact an individual. This is the correct way to address a grievance, please refrain from starting multiple threads on various boards or by having unnecessary digs within the forum boards. If after raising your complaint with a moderator you are not satisfied then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with background information and evidence that you have tried to resolve the issue. ARGUMENTS IN THREADS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • On every post you will see a notify button that you can use to report a post or topic if necessary for the attention of administrators and moderators. Please do not abuse the function; this function is there for a purpose and joking around is not one of them!
  • Our Moderators are not paid to do the moderating and these forums couldn't be run successfully without them. We will not tolerate moderators being abused. The moderators execute their actions based on the joint guidelines we have put together. Do not abuse them for doing what is expected of them to keep these forums a fun place to be. If you have a problem, raise it in the manner mentioned above.
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