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June 28, 2017
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 20:20

AVTV Offer for Lions Club Members

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Aston Villa are happy to announce a special AVTV offer for Lions Clubs members.

This offer uses a special discount promotion code that can be redeemed when signing up to AVTV.

Promo Code/Magic Numbers Redemption Process


AVTV Promo code step 1

Existing AVTV subscribers or AVFC registered users

If you already have an AVTV log in:

  • Please use the sign in link (button).
  • When you are signed in, click on the ‘Buy’ option and
  • You are taken to the Buy page where you select your subscription type.
  • AVTV Promo code step 2
  • If you are already signed in, you will see a welcome back message (image 2) and the option to ‘Buy’ in place of the Sign In box.
  • Because you are already logged in, you do not need to enter a new set of personal details or sign up again.
  • On this page, in Step 1, select ‘Via Lions Club Promotional Code’
  • For Step 2, simply click ‘Continue to Secure Payment’.

AVTV Promo code step 3

New to AVTV

If you are completely new to AVTV and don’t have a log in you will need to Sign up:

If you do not have an existing log in for AVTV then simply select ‘Sign Up’ and complete the registration form.
  • Select ‘Via Lions Club Promotional Code’ for Step 1
  • Then enter your details in steps 2 & 3 to register your details and create a log in..
  • Once you have registered & signed into your account, click on the ‘Buy’ option
  • When you have entered your details, simply click ‘Continue to secure payment’ in Step 4
  • You will then be taken to a page where you need to enter your promo code: Enter the code in the form provided.
  • If the code gives free access this is the last step when the code is entered you can then begin to enjoy AVTV immediately.
  • If the code gives a discount and payment is required then you will be taken to our secure payment area.

AVTV Promo code step 4

AVTV Promo code step 5


When you enter a valid promo code, you will then be taken directly to the secure payment page:

AVTV Promo code step 6

When all the payment steps are completed you are taken back to the Aston Villa site where you can start using AVTV immediately.

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