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June 28, 2017
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Aston Villa Lions Club Terms & Conditions

In return for (1) a non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use the Official Supporters' Club Mark (which is hereby granted to the Supporters' Club by Aston Villa Football Club Limited ("Aston Villa")) and (2) the right to refer to the Supporters Club as an 'official' Aston Villa supporters' club, by signing and returning the enclosed copy of these terms and conditions the Chairperson of the relevant Supporters' Club agrees and acknowledges:-

 that the Supporters' Club is a self-financing and self-governing organisation which can regulate itself as it sees fit, save always that the Supporters' Club will:-

o be run in a responsible manner at all times, with all profits being put back into the Supporters' Club and used solely for the benefit of its members; and

o Have a bank account which remains in the name of the Supporters' Club at all times. Upon Aston Villa's written request, the Supporters' Club shall, within 7 days, supply a copy of its accounts and bank statements to Aston Villa for audit purposes; and

o supply to Aston Villa details of the names and addresses of Supporters' Club members and keep such information up to date at all times; and

o permit entry to the Supporters' Club to all Aston Villa fans, regardless of sex, race, age, colour, religion, mental or physical disability or national origin; and

o comply with all relevant legislation.

 that the Supporters' Club shall have at least 20 members at all times (save in circumstances where the Season during or immediately following the signature of these terms and conditions is the Supporter Club's first Season as an Aston Villa 'official' Supporters' Club, in which case the Supporters' Club may enjoy the rights granted by these terms and conditions for that Season only, notwithstanding the fact that it has less than 20 members);

 that Aston Villa recommends that the Supporters' Club has a committee of at least 3 people (including the Chairperson) which is responsible for the proper management of the Supporters' Club. The Chairperson further agrees to provide Aston Villa, upon request, with a list of the names and addresses of all committee members and to keep Aston Villa informed of any changes to the committee and/or the Chairperson in a timely manner;

 that Aston Villa encourages the Chairperson and committee members to keep in regular contact with the Supporter Club Co- Ordinator;

 that intellectual property rights attach to Aston Villa trademarks, photographs, articles and other content at and all other Aston Villa publications and (save for the Official Supporters' Club Mark) these must not be reproduced in the Supporters' Club's own publications or website. The Chairperson should contact the Supporters' Club Co-Ordinator if the Supporters Club wishes to use any such photographs or content, who may be able to obtain the necessary permissions-to-use (which are only valid if given in writing by a director of Aston Villa) or supply copyright-free photography;

 to make a copy of these terms and conditions available to each member of the Supporters' Club (preferably on the Supporters' Club's website);

 that Supporters' Clubs play a huge part in the perception of Aston Villa at home and abroad and that the Chairperson and the committee shall use best endeavours to ensure that all members of the Supporters Group behave reasonably, appropriately and lawfully when attending football matches in which Aston Villa play;

 that the Supporters' Club liaison officer is not empowered to contractually bind Aston Villa;

that the Chairperson shall comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 including, without limitation, the use of data of members of the Supporters' Club and their client reference numbers;

that the Chairperson shall not, in any capacity whatsoever, sell or distribute tickets to the Club's home games to the public generally or to any person other than the member of the Supporters Club who the tickets were purchased for;

that the Chairperson shall not sell any Aston Villa merchandise to members of the Supporters Club which include the Club logo or the logo of any official Club Partner and further shall not attach any other logo or devise to such merchandise;

 that Aston Villa accepts no liability in respect of or in relation to the Supporters' Club's obligations to, or arrangements with its members and, in any event, that Aston Villa's entire liability to the Supporters' Club or any member thereof whether in contract, tort or otherwise under these terms and conditions shall not exceed £1000; and

 that Aston Villa will take action against any Chairperson or committee member who fails to operate the Supporters' Club professionally and/or for the benefit of the Supporter's Club's members or otherwise breaches any mandatory provision of these terms and conditions. Such action may include (but is not limited to) one or more of the following (1) the Supporter's Club's 'official' status being removed and the licence of the Official Supporters' Club Mark being terminated and/or (2) refusal to sell match or season tickets to an offending Chairperson or committee member (whether in their capacity as Chairperson or committee member of a Supporters' Club or in their personal capacity) (3)recommendation that the Supporters Club remove the Chairman and refusal to deal with the Supporters Club until this has been done. If Aston Villa learns or suspects that the Supporters' Club or its members are engaging in illegal activity, it reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Copyright © Aston Villa Football Club

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